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Puts People First

The institute is a partnership between teachers, students, parents and management. Everyone’s views are respected and will continue by listening to what people have to say.

Promote Islamic Values:

We are creating an institute based on Islamic values. We want our students to respect each other’s views and value their contribution.

Welcome Everyone

It takes the students from all over the globe and welcomes all abilities,  providing the support that each student needs to be the best they can be.


Virtual Islamic Learning is operated by a group of Sunni scholars intended to bring Islamic learning at your doorstep. Our intention is to spread the beautiful message of Islam around the world regardless of their race, color, age, nationality and religion. We pray that VIL brings nonstop benefits to all who visit, helping to spread the message of Islam and increase Islamic knowledge and strengthening our eman. (Aameen)

As our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) has said: “Verily the men ofknowledge are the inheritors of the prophets”, so “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave,” and “Seek knowledge, even as far as China” (various Hadiths).

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Classes are offered 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with a flexibility to choose timings that is convenient to students.

  • Female Tutor

    Classes are also offered by female teachers for those students who only feel comfortable with the female instructor.

  • 1 on 1 Live Classes

    Classes are offered for minimum 30 minutes with one on one live session.

What others say about us

Soniya Awan

I have been learning the Quran for over a year now and i find the teaching at virtual islamic learning easy to learn and understand. In sha Allah i will continue to gain more knowledge about our deen.

Soniya AwanHigh Wycombe, UK
Zargham Chaudhary

After several failed attempts at learning Quran, I had almost gone hopeless that I would ever be able to do so successfully. Well, this was the case before I was introduced to VIL.

Zargham ChaudharySouth Wales, UK

How its works?

Its so simple and easy just fill up the registration form our representative will contact you with in 24 hours

Need Support?

You can contact us any time via email, Skype or official phone number.


You can visit FAQs page to fine quick answer of your question. We hope that you will find the answer of each question.

Virtual Islamic Learning (VIL) Help Your Child Grow With Islamic Values
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